How To Make Bootable Usb Pen Drive For Windows 7 or 8..



1 : Pen Drive Min 4 GB .

2 : ISO Image/DVD of Windows 7 or 8 .


Step 1 : Plug-in Your Pen Drive .

Step 2 : Start—–Run—–Type ” diskpart ”    [Press Enter]


Step 3 : Type  LIST  DISK    [Press Enter]
It will show all available disk in your system. Disk 0 is usually hard disk of your system.

In my case Disk 1 is Usb pen drive (This can be different in your case so plz make sure )

Step 4 : Type  SELECT  DISK  1  [Press Enter]

Step 5 : Type  CLEAN  [Press Enter]

Step 6 : Type  CREATE  PARTITION  PRIMARY   [Press Enter]

Step 7 : Type  SELECT  PARTITION  1  [Press Enter]

Step 8 : Type  ACTIVE  [Press Enter]

Step 9 : Type FORMAT  FS=NTFS  [Press Enter]
Wait Until 100% complete.
Step 10 : Type  ASSIGN  [Press Enter]

Step 11 : Type EXIT [Press Enter]


Step 12 : Open up the installation DVD and Select everything and drag it over to your USB drive .

Note : When you want to install windows, plug-in bootable pen drive and restart the system and press boot function key as per different system .

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